What is Insane Kart Wii ?

Insane Kart Wii is a Mario Kart Wii Mod that has 4200+ custom tracks. It has fifteen game modes (Default, Item Rain, Random Items, 200cc, 350cc and 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc, Double Framerate, Mission Mode, Infinite Acceleration, Crazy Items, Time Trials Online, Unfair Items and Vanilla Mode) and works any device running dolphin or riivolution.


Is Insane Kart Wii legal ?

It is. It requires a original game, which modifies it. You will be fine, using it, as long as you don't down / upload roms.


What do I need ?

Wii / Wii U:

A homebrewed Wii or Wii U


A SD Card with atleast 5GB free storage


Dolphin Emulator

A copy of your disc

6GB free storage


How to download this ?

Download here the newest version: