Dolphin Error #001 (ISO Patcher and Riivolution)

Symptoms: The Patched ISO just shows error 001 on Dolphin (on PC and Mobile) or any USB Loader.

Things you should try: On Wii and Mobile: Use the Mobile Patcher (this works exactly like the ISO Patcher).

                                         On PC: Go into your Dolphin Setting > Advanced and enable Memory Overwrite. Close the Game. Set the MEM2 RAM to 128MB. Leave MEM1 unedited!

The Game just loads original MKW or the Track Selection is messed up

Symptoms: Everything is like original Mario Kart Wii.

Things you should try: If you use the Mobile or ISO Patcher, then use Patch Mode 2 (if you used 1) or Patch Mode 1 (if you used 2). If you're using Riivolution on Dolphin, make sure, the xml file does match with your Game Region (PAL / NTSC-U), the folders Insane Kart Wii,  riivolution are in the same folder and that the riivolution xml files are in the riivolution folder and you're using the correct xml file.

Riivolution doesn't show Insane Kart Wii

Symptoms: Riivolution just shows other mods, or nothing.

Things you should try: Make sure you copied the folders Insane Kart Wii and riivolution to your root of the SD / USB.

                                         Make sure you have the Mario Kart Wii disk in your Wii / Wii U and the disc works.

A Track crashes

Symptoms: The Game gaves the LE-CODE Exception Handler or a blackscreen. It is also possible that it crashes mid-race.

Things you should try: Try another track. If it also crashes, then you may installed IKW wrong. If it doesn't, report the crash into my discord server. If it was just a crash by the game, I will delete the message.

The Game crashes in the menu (Riivolution)

Symptoms: The game crashes in the menu after selecting e.g. Single Player.

Things you should try: Disable the Dolphin Icons in Riivolution.

The Game crashes when selecting three or four players (Riivolution and Mobile)

Symptoms: The Game freezes when selecting three or four players on console or mobile.

Things you should try: If you're on mobile/usb loader, you have to wait until the v1.0.1 update or if it's already released, update to v1.0.1.

                                    If you're on console/riivolution enable the patch in riivolution.

The Game crashes when going online (Mobile, USB Loader)

Symptoms: The Game freezes on mobile or usb loaders, when selecting one or two players online.

Things you should try: You cannot do anything. I disabled online to avoid bans.

The Game just blackscreens on Dolphin (Riivolution)

Symptoms: Nothings happens when starting the game with riivolution patches on dolphin.

Things you should try: Clean up space on your device. There should be about 8GB space aviable to use as "cache"

My Problem is not listed here :(

If your problem is not listed here, you should join my discord server and report the problem.

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