Beta 1:
First Release.

Beta 2: Removed Riivolution support.

              48 New Tracks.

              Fixed some Blackscreens.

              Added speedometer.

              Added Time Trial support.

              Added custom boot screen.

              Fixed some BMG data.

Beta 3: Fixed bugs. 

Beta 4: New ISO Patcher.

              Added custom character icons

              Added Item Rain.

              Added Random Items.

Beta 5: Readded Riivolution support.

Beta 6: Updated a Track.

              Replaced a Track.

              Added Wiimmfi support.

              Removed ItemSlot.bin Hack

Beta 7: 24 New Tracks

              Fixed some Blackscreens

              Fixed wrong Wiimmfi Region

              Replaced UI Files

Beta 8: 12 New Tracks

              Replaced Driving is so 2008

              Fixed BMG files while connecting to Wiimfi

              Updated Yoshi 8 Circuit

Beta 9: Added 52 Tracks.

              Fixed all known blackscreens and incompleteable Tracks.

              Added Race Count Modifier.

              Added Mega Thunderclouds.

              Added All Items can land (Item Rain only).

              Added Riidefi's Cheat Code.

              Added Change Characters between online races.

              Added 200cc.

              Added 500cc.

              Added a Custom Music mode in the ISO Patcher.

              Added a "press any button to continue..." before patching the ISO.

Beta 9+: This is an ISO Patcher only Update:

              Added mobile version.

              Removed thp files from the original game.

              Edited Patching Mode text.

v1.0.0: Added 208 tracks.

              Added All Items Can Land code to every game mode.

              Updated Item Rain Code.

              Replaced broken tracks.

              Fixed KMP issues on some tracks.

              Seperated ISO and Mobile Patchers.

              Fixed three and four player crash by adding an option to Riivolution.

              Added an option to use fixed cup icons for dolphin users.

              Fixed two player online crash on console.

              Updated various tracks.

v1.0.1: Added 116 custom tracks.

             Fixed Track names.

             Fixed all known blackscreens.

             Fixed ISO Patcher.

             Fixed Mobile Patcher.

             Added Japan support.

             Reverted countdown to 3,2,1, GO! (formerly INSANE, KART, WII, GO!).

             Added Countdown mode.

             Added online support for mobile patcher (not recommend using                       Continental).

             Fixed three and four player crash (Mobile Patcher version).

             Moved the three and four player crash in riivolution, so it is not                           posssible to disable it.

             Added Plug-Ins (riivolution only).

             Updated some tracks.

             Replaced some tracks.

v1.0.2: Added 144 custom tracks.

             Updated a few tracks.


              Fixed bugs and removed remaining parts of broken Feather code.

v1.0.3:   Added Feather Item.
               Added 192 new custom tracks.
               Replaced Countdown with Double FPs.
               Fixed all known track issues.
               Added save game to sd.
               Added a option to switch between the Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 theme.
               Added new codes.
               Added Mission Mode.
               Added Rotating Bananas.

v1.0.4:  Added 152 custom tracks.
              Added No Music.
              Added Mega Mushroom Increased FOV.
              Added Launch Any Wii Channel Instead of MKChannel.
              Added custom battle arenas.
              Renamed some Riivolution options.
              Added 350cc and 1000cc.
              Added Infinite Acceleration.
              Changed track layout.
              Changed Random: New Tracks to Random: Retro Tracks
              Removed a crash causing cheat code.

v1.0.5: Added Disable Horizontal Wall Glitch.
             Added No Disconnect when being in Idle.
             Added Silent Controller Changing.
             Added Show Everyone's Timer after Race.
             Added Hybrid Drift.
             Added Instant Respawn.
             Added Show Quit Confirmation in Single Player.
             Added 30sec Time Limit Modifier.
             Added High Data Rate.
             Added Imprevious Thundercloud v2.0.
             Added Force Battle Glitch (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Added Don't Lose VR When Disconnecting.
             Added Race Count Modfier.
             Added Items on Minimap (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Added Disable Item Poof.
             Added Enhanced Ghost Play.
             Added Rejoin a Room after Disconnect.
             Added Custom Exception Handler.
             Added Exception Recovery.
             Added Better Bullet Bill Curve Tightness.
             Added No Background Blur (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Added No ESRB Screen (NTSC-U only).
             Added Kill Lakitu (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Added 30 FPS (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Added 21:9 Ratio (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Made Faster Menu Navigation, Item Timer and Mii Heads on Minimap toggleable in Riivolution.
             Updated and added 80 new custom tracks.
             Removed Mobile Patcher support.
             Added Always 60FPs (toggleable in Riivolution).
             Added Functional Chat Messages.

v1.0.6: Added 68 custom tracks.

             Fixed wrong loading tracks on 32 tracks.

             Updated a few tracks.

             Added Retro theme.

v1.0.7: Added 8 custom tracks.
             Fixed a issue that Protect Private Rooms didn't work on some game modes.
             Fixed a issue that you get banned when connecting to wiimmfi when using Infinite Acceleration.
             Updated a few custom tracks.
             Added Crazy Items.
             Added Vanilla Mode.
             Added Time Trials Online.

v1.0.8: Added 24 custom tracks.
             Updated 12 custom tracks.
             Fixed a by a wrong slot caused crash.
             Removed with LE-CODE incompatible Rejoin Room code.
             Added 1st Person (toggleable in Riivoluion).
             Added Can Always Drift (200cc, 350cc, 500cc and 1000cc only)
             Added VS Points Based on Finish Time Difference With 1st.

v1.0.9: Added 36 custom tracks.
             Updated some tracks.
             Fixed a wrong slot-caused crash.
             Added Random Combinations (Online) (toggleable in Riivoluion).
             AddedBRRES Anti-flicker.
             Added Frameskip.

v1.0.9.fix: Removed Frameskip which was causing the game to run at double speed when connecting to Wiimmfi.

v1.1.0: Added 128 custom tracks.
             Removed BRRES Anti-Flicker.
             Removed old version of All Items can land causing stability issues.
             Added Green/Red Shells Never Break.
             Added Fix TC Glitch.
             Added Fast POWs.
             Fixed big buttons.
             Made track votes bigger so long track names are no longer squished.
             Changed online time limit to 10min.
             The exception handler launches you back to Riivolution (or to homebrew if Riivolution was not found or to the Wii Menu if neigher of those channels have been found. The exception handler also shows the version number of this distribution.
             Added Button controlled feature as Framerate Changes option. - and DPAD Left enabled 30 FPS, - and DPAD Right disables it.
             Fixed Fix background blur not doing it's job.
             Added a new ISO Patcher.
             It is now possible to directly boot into the Online Single Player or Offline Single Player Menu. This is a toggleable option in Riivolution.
             Fixed stability issues with Double Framerate, Always 60 FPS and Themes.
             Added Mario Kart Double Dash Theme.
             Added Super Mario Odyssey Theme.
             Random Combinations is listed as "Dolphin only" in Riivolution, so console users know that it doesn't work on console.
             Remade folder structure and Riivolution XML files.
             Added Room Message Expander to expand the Room Message amount from 96 to 120.
             Added Accurate Bomb Explosion Damage.
             Random Items are now getting loaded from a cheat code instead of from a Common.szs modified file.
             Added Unfair Items.
             Added 2000cc.

v1.1.1: Remade code list.
             Added 224 new custom tracks.
             Updated custom tracks.
             Fixed version number being incorrect when using themes.
             Lowered track file sizes by removing additional files.
             Removed Instant Respawns.
             Reverted Blue Shell damage.
             Reverted VS Race Point System to the vanilla one.
             Made Themes compatible with Mission Mode.
             Made a lot of features toggleable.
             Fixed Brake Drifting for NTSC-J.
             Fixed Time Trials Online softlocking on NTSC-J.

v1.2.0: Added 92 custom tracks.
             Made Mission Mode always enabled.
             Added new code handler.
             Added 72 custom characters.
             Added custom fonts.
             Fixed My Stuff crashes.
             Readded Countdown.
             Added Blueshell Madness.
             Added Bumper Karts.
             Added Mushroom Dash.
             Added a lot of new toggleable codes.

v1.2.0.fix: Fixed Mission Mode crash.

             Fixed Blue Shell Madness not loading properly.

v1.2.1: Added 264 custom tracks.
              Fixed issues with My Stuff.
              Readded Hybrid Drift.
              Added Triple Fake Item Boxes.
              Removed some unneeded features that could cause instability.
              Updated some custom characters.
              Removed Dolphin only Themes as Cup Icons now work on console.
              Added Double and Triple Blue Shells to Blueshell Madness.