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3 months ago

The game is great

Omni man
5 months ago

Very awesome mod and the first custom track distribution to reach the max amount of tracks and to add custom characters. With this mod adding custom characters it makes it ten times better because many would
Have to add them themselves. Now with IKW adding characters themselves, it opens up to a whole
New fun that can be endless. I still hope they can implement maybe custom vehicles and an automatic updater for console. They still have a whole future ahead of them. Keep up the great work. 10/10 hands down best mod to ever exist.

6 months ago

I just wanted to reply to this again with a suggestion. What if IKW made a character pack? There’s this mod called MKW hack pack that has a character pack to go with the mod. If IKW made a character pack to go with IKW, that would be sick. Just a suggestion though hope it gets taken into account. But keep making the game great. Awesomest mod I’ve ever played in my life. 10/10.

6 months ago

One more thing. If they make the character pack, hopefully it has the characters with voice clips. That’s all

6 months ago

Very awesome mod it’s on of the best and I hope the team that made this keeps making it great hopefully they can maybe make like an update launcher like ctgp did for console or custom characters. That would make it the ultimate game ever

Super Yoshi
2 years ago

Great Mod It Can Be Used For A Lot Of Things Like Ranking Every Working Mario Kart Custom Track.
Easy 10/10

2 years ago

Works like a charm and keeps me and my brother entertained for hours! 10/10 Would recommend

2 years ago

Probably the best and most complete pack i played. A must play for all Mario Kart fans!

2 years ago

Best pack I have ever played!!! Would recommend!!